World's Biggest Countries Fact Zone

As indicated by the CIA World Factbook, the aggregate surface zone of the earth is 510,072,000 square kilometers (196,939,900 square miles). Of this, 70.8% is water and 29.2% is land. The graph beneath sorts out the main 25 nations as far as size, beginning with the greatest, Russia. Despite the fact that it's not a self-representing nation, as a kind of perspective point, Antarctica is around 14,000,000 square km (5,405,430 square miles).

File:World's Biggest Countries Fact Zone.svg
World's Biggest Countries

Take note of that the sizes portray add up to zone, which incorporates the land and water inside every nation's outskirts. Greenland, in spite of the fact that an abroad managerial division of Denmark, is incorporated here in light of the fact that it is self-overseeing.
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